Monday, April 29, 2013

Exact obedience brings miracles! 4/29/13

Buenos Dias Familia!!! 

Como estan ustedes? Yo espero que ustedes estan bien!
Things here are going just swell! I cant believe its been two weeks already!
It feels like way longer than that though!

So our first investigator that our district was teaching turned out to be fake, which we all suspected, but now hes our teacher and is going to help us to teach better which is awesome! All of my latino friends are going out into the field tomorrow which is sad, but we get new ones on wednesday which will be cool! We're also getting a new batch of nortes(white kids) on Wednesday as well which is also really exciting! I'm excited to meet some new kids, but sad to see some great friends go. But I'm also really happy for them, because they get to go and experience real missionary work! I am just so excited to get out of the CCM. I love it a lot, but I just want to go bring REAL investigators REAL happiness!!! It is amazing to think that I will be bringing the gospel to remnants of the Lamanites and ancient people. In third Nephi when Christ appears to the Nephites, he says that one day the gentiles will come to bring the gospel to all of them, and its amazing to think that I am a part of that prophecy! It's soooooo exciting! We watched a movie yesterday that compared the geography of Central America where we are at to some of the geographical information in The Book of Mormon and we are literally going to be teaching on land that they walked. IT'S SO AWESOME TO KNOW THAT!!! My testimony of the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon has increased ten fold, and I'm so excited to share it with others!

My p-day is every Tuesday, but we usually get to email on Monday or Wednesday! Tomorrow we are going to Walmart and this crazy market! It's going to be so awesome to see more of the city! That's one thing that's a bummer because we are in class all day except for meals, and we never get to go sight seeing. But hey, we're not tourists! We are mssionaries, and as long as we obey the rules we will be blessed. I heard this quote that said "Obedience brings blessings, but EXACT obedience brings MIRACLES" Im trying my hardest to obey all the rules, but I will admit sometimes I snag a few extra minutes of sleep:) I am so physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted all the time, but I've never been happier. I love it here and time is flying by. I love you all and I'm grateful for everything y'all do. Theres a kid in our distrct from Texas and he always says y'all, and its starting to rub off on me. 

Much Love,
Elder Hoy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First week in the CCM! 4/24/13

Hey family,

I finally got to check my email again and was so excited to see all of these emails from everyone!! My first week in the CCM (MTC in spanish) has been awesome! I'm learning a ton every day and the language is coming along great! The latino missionaries here are so funny. Mom, I sent a letter in the mail today, but you probably won't get it for a while so ill just tell you some of whats in it. My new companions name Is elder Hyrum Clark, from a family of thirteen kids, and he was homeschooled. Fantastic. He has a huge heart and is very kind but he is defintely a little socially awkward and strange. I'm still just viewing it as a blessing though! Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the Guatemala City Temple! I had a great experience and I'm excited to go again next week! The food here is really good! I dont have a scale, but I hope I'm putting on a little weight! I have to get up at 6:30 every morning, which is really early for me, but luckily my district has Deportes (sports) in the morning so I can sometimes snag a few extra minutes of sleep:) I have been teaching the Latinos some english words, and now their new favorite english phrases are "Gimme all your money. Now!" and "What up Homie?" hahaha I seriously love them so much! Guatemala is pretty crazy though! We've already heard several gunshots, almost got in an accident on the way here from the airport, and a bunch of other crazy stuff. It still hasn't hit me though that I'm in a third world country because we live good here at the CCM. It seriously feels like I've been here for so long already, and its only been a week! It seems like I've known all these kids my entire life too.Were all best of friends already. I love you all and miss you. (kind of) 

Much love from Guatemala, 
Elder Hoy

Other stuff i forgot to say.  If you are sending letters or packages or anything, make sure you put Elder
on it. Otherwise it makes it a lot more difficult to get through the guatemalan mail system. They see the Elder on it and know its to a mormon and they just send it right along. LOVEEEEE YOU

Here are pictures of the Elders and Sister missionaries in the MTC. 
Elder Hoy is in the second row towards the middle.

Hola from Guatamala! 4/17/13

Hola familia! 

Bienvenidos de el MTC de Guatemala! Holy cow I can't even believe I'm here! I'm so tired I've barely gotten any sleep the last 24 hours. It is so weird here! My companion is kind of a dingus. He was on his phone the entire time at the airport and he is really bad at spanish, but I know the lord gave me him to humble me and teach me patience. I'm already picking up the spanish really good! The food is great and I've had some pretty bad gas haha. I love you guys so much and I'll write you guys more on p day. It is still so unreal that I'm here. They confiscated our cameras while we are in the MTC so they dont get stolen or anything so I wont really be able to send pictures until im actually in the field. There were 45 missionaries on our flight down to Guatemala! So awesome to see so many young men and women that want to serve the lord. I have to go to dinner but i love you all and im doing great!

-Elder Hoy

P.S. Email me on sundays that will be the best!