Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hola from Guatamala! 4/17/13

Hola familia! 

Bienvenidos de el MTC de Guatemala! Holy cow I can't even believe I'm here! I'm so tired I've barely gotten any sleep the last 24 hours. It is so weird here! My companion is kind of a dingus. He was on his phone the entire time at the airport and he is really bad at spanish, but I know the lord gave me him to humble me and teach me patience. I'm already picking up the spanish really good! The food is great and I've had some pretty bad gas haha. I love you guys so much and I'll write you guys more on p day. It is still so unreal that I'm here. They confiscated our cameras while we are in the MTC so they dont get stolen or anything so I wont really be able to send pictures until im actually in the field. There were 45 missionaries on our flight down to Guatemala! So awesome to see so many young men and women that want to serve the lord. I have to go to dinner but i love you all and im doing great!

-Elder Hoy

P.S. Email me on sundays that will be the best!

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