Monday, July 29, 2013

Exact Obedience Makes a Difference

This week was good! We had some good lessons with Hermano Tiburcio, and he came to church! He has enough attendances at church to get baptized, but we found out he isn’t married to his so called wife.  He plans on getting married so we are going to help him so that he can get baptized and we want to teach his wife too, but she is a strong catholic. We’ve got some work cut out for us.

I’m sending stuff home with the Petersons, the parents of the bishop’s wife. Yeah they’ve been here and I’ve gotten to talk with them a couple of times. They are really nice. They go home Wednesday so they will probably contact you soon cuz I gave them some stuff to give to y’all. This week we have really seen the difference obedience makes, and we are trying to be more exactly obedient. This week was good and we found a really positive family. I love you all and hope everything is good! We’re going to the temple on August 6th so I’ll send pictures in a couple weeks!

Much Love
Elder Hoy!

PS Wish Dad a happy birthday for me cuz I don’t have time to write him!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Short on Time

Okey dokey. This week was good. Hermano  Tiburcio came to church and hopefully we're baptizing him next Sunday!  I did companion exchanges and I got to work for a day with another new elder from Arizona. We worked really well together.  I’m out of time momma but I love you lots!
Hola  Daddio! I love you! I bought a cool journal and have been pretty good about writing in it. Things are going pretty good here. Thanks for everything you have ever taught me in my life, you made me the kid I am. Love you.
Much love,
Elder Hoy<3

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dreaming in Spanish

Well here’s my weekly update! We had some great lessons this week with some youth investigators, and I had the opportunity to challenge them to baptism, so hope fully we will have another baptism on Sunday!
I’m over the stomach infection, and all has been going well. We haven’t been able to find the Lopez family lately, I don’t know what’s up with them. We also challenged Hermano Tiburcio to baptism. He said yes, but haven’t set a date with him yet!
My English is getting really bad. It’s hard to speak with the other gringos sometimes. My thoughts are practically all in Spanish too. Even the Spanish dreams have started! It’s super weird! Not much else happened, but everything is going good! Love you all lots and here’s some more pictures!



Monday, July 8, 2013

Stomachaches and Earthquakes

HOLAAAAA! We´ve been teaching a family named the Lopez family. They are great investigators but they’re not married so if they accept a baptismal date we´re going to help them have a wedding! I’m excited! I think they´ll get baptized!

This week I had a pretty bad bout of homesickness hit me. I don’t know what it was but I just really missed you guys and all of my friends this week. Oh yeah, also I got a stomach infection! I had bad diarrhea for like 4 days and had to get a poop exam and turns out I have a stomach infection! Oh the joy! The nurse is going to give me some antibiotics to fight it!

OH yeah and I bought a guitar too! A pretty black nylon string! I’m attaching some pictures of some of our adventures this week!  I didn’t get to light off any fireworks for the fourth, but I drew an American flag in my planner! Oh and we finally got a bishop! His name is Mario and his wife is a gringo! And guess where she lives right now! ARIZONA! She lives in Coolidge but is coming here to visit in a couple weeks I think! Her name is Suzy I think. So I’m going to give your info to the bishop and he’s going to tell her to call you and if you want to send stuff with her it will be faster and safer I think. That will be better than sending a package in the mail!

Oh and last night we had our first earthquake!!! Me and my companion were planning and all of the sudden the whole house started to shake! It was so crazy! We ran outside and nobody was even freaking out! I guess they´re just used to it! But anyways it was a fun week other than the diarrhea and the homesickness!

Love you All!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Not much time to write

I’m doing good! I have like 30 seconds to write you guys! I love you all! Everything here is good. I miss home a lot and am struggling a little bit, but only when I’m not working. So I just have to keep working!

Tell AG and Bella I love them and wish I could see them! I haven’t bought a guitar yet but I will soon. Can you tell dad to send me the chords and how to play his version of the 23rd Psalm please! Love you guys!

I’m leaving my Adidas skate shoes with Julio when I leave so I’m going need other shoes.  When you send me a package things to include: My vans that are black and Mexican blanket looking,  guitar picks, pictures, other stuff that you know I’d love, a usb or micro sd card with music like the Halo soundtrack you have and other good church music, but make sure its mp3 format.  

Love you guys lots and miss you all!
Elder Hoy!!