Monday, October 27, 2014

Another Great Week!!!

Well it’s been another great week passed! Starting out with a great meeting we had on Tuesday with our Mission President. He taught us a lot of great things and then we all ate lunch together.

I walked around all week in my new area with my ukulele. We played hymns for all the people and they loved it. We did some exploring in the farther parts of our area. It’s HUGE. It’s like 30 minutes north outside of the city (Santa Ana). It’s great because we still get to go there on our P-days but we don’t have all the hustle and bustle of living in the city.

We had another baptism yesterday. We also have one this Wednesday, and three for the next week… so things are going really good for us! Tomorrow we are going to the temple here so that’s going to be awesome! I haven’t gone in so long. It’s going to be really awesome!!!

You can see from the photos that I’m going for the good ‘ole Spencer W. Kimball look with the classic glasses. Ha-ha. But yeah things couldn’t be going better for me! I can’t believe it’s like 2 months till Christmas. I’ve already started the countdown ha-ha.

 But yeah time is flying right now because we are working hard and the people are loving us. Oh yeah one more thing…everyone that has washing machines, count your flippin’ blessings, because I have to wash my clothes by hand here. It is NOT fun! But I’m getting used to it. I love you all and hope yall have a great week!
Love Elder Hoy

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello Texistepeque!!!

So this has been a fun filled week! SO… yeah I had changes! I’m in an area I never thought I’d go to (or really wanted to). It’s called Texistepeque! (Tex-ees-teh-peh-keh) Supposedly this area used to be known as a hard area that never baptized because the people are super catholic, but the last missionary that was here changed that and he left the area super prepared for me. Oh yeah, and I’m a district leader again!

…And the best part is that I have a CELL PHONE!!!! Yay bow down all of you U.S. serving missionaries that have iPads and cars… Elder hoy is comin’ up hard! The cell phone has definitely been a plus. We also had a baptism yesterday… and we brought 8 people to church! So things are going really good for us! We are going to do work like crazy! This could possibly be my last area so I want to leave a really good impact on these people!

On Tuesday I woke up and my eye was all swollen! It was like a gnarly case of pink eye or something! So it sucked cuz’ I had to take goodbye pictures with all the people like that! Oh well, at least the changes were way good!  My companion is cool. I already knew him and we were already buds so we get along great. I bought a ukulele too and we played a special musical number at the baptism and everyone loved it! So I’m already winning the members hearts… Ha-ha just kidding…but seriously...

But yeah things are going way good here! I hope life in the states is equally good. There was an earthquake here last week but it wasn’t bad. We felt it pretty strong. The whole house was shaking pretty crazy but it passed after like 10 seconds. I love you all! Have a great week! Send me pictures of the Phoenix temple!
Much Love,
Elder Hoy

Monday, October 13, 2014

Changes and a New Area

Well they just told me I have changes so next week I’ll be writing you guys from a new area with a new companion! I’m kind of nervous and sad. I’m going to miss a lot of the members here so I will be saying a lot of good byes today and tomorrow.

Well this week we had some hard things happen. Zulma’s (our recent convert) dad was really sick. He had a horrible infection in his foot and so he was bed ridden for a few days. We went to visit them on Friday and while we were there he passed away. When we got there he was breathing hard, like a fish out of water, exactly like Grandma Read before she passed. I knew he didn’t have much time so we just got out a bunch of pamphlets about the plan of salvation and set them on the table for people to read. Hopefully that experience, even though it’s sad, will help more people come to the knowledge of the plan of salvation and give them some comfort.

But unfortunately, I guess I won’t see their progress because I’ll be in a new area. The really weird thing to think about is that I could possibly be going to my last area…So crazy! I’m also kind of excited to leave and move on to see a new area and meet new people. I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Much Love,
Elder Hoy

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Loved General Conference!!!

HELLO THERE FAMILIA!! Well I hope you all enjoyed conference as much as I did! There were so many talks about prophets which was perfect because our investigator José had a lot of questions about that. He went to every session with us! It was soooo cool.

We had a baptism on Friday! Her name is Zulma and she was basically a golden investigator! We found her a little over a month ago . She had no problems with any of the commandments and had a real strong desire to follow Christ. 

We are hoping to baptize José this week! Pray for him pleeaassseee!!! He still hasn’t received a firm answer to his prayers yet. We are planning a super good lesson with him this week to help him recognize the spirit that he had felt during conference! We are really excited for him!

I’ll find out next week if I’m staying in this area or not or if my companion will have changes! I really love this place and would be sad to leave because there are a lot of great members here! I really love you all!! Have a great week! I sent lots of pictures this week!

Much Love
Elder Hoy