Monday, June 2, 2014

Rain, Rain, Rain

This week was good. Daisy and her daughters came to church again.  The rainy season has officially started. It’s been raining for like the last 3 days.  We were afraid that no one was going to show up to church because of the rain but we ended up having really good attendance. My companion and I have both been kind of missing home. We just need to stay busier.

Haha…Thats funny that you mentioned talents. Apparently I was developing my musical talents too much so they took my guitar away for a little bit. I ended up telling them to just give it away to one of the converts that we were teaching in my last area that was learning to play the guitar.  I’ll probably buy another one in the future.  

So its officially June and I have 10 months left. It’s also the last month that we will be with President Cordon. He will be released in July. We're looking forward to getting to know the new mission president. We've heard that he is way cool. 

But yeah I love y’all lots.  Have a great week!
The rain is making me a little crazy!

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