Monday, May 26, 2014

The Rainy Season Has Officially Started!

Wow… I was just talking about Disneyland with some people here the other day. Glad to see you enjoyed it and had a good time with the Powell family. Yay… I’m so glad Ashley is having a boy! When is she due? And I’m excited to go to Florida when I get home to see the Katz family too.

That’s crazy to think that Alex McBride already finished  his mission and came home.  It seems like he just went out.  But yeah, this week has been pretty hard. We struggled to find and teach new people. Out of the 7 that had committed to come to church, we had only 1 show up. It was Daisy. She really likes coming to church.  She invited us to lunch afterwards. She is a waaaaayyy good cook.  I’m definitely going to miss the food here.

You guys need to go to the Salvadoreño Restaurant in Mesa one of these days. You need to try the Pupusas.  They are way good!  That is the typical food of El Salvador.  

I’m glad that I’m not in the heat of Arizona. The  rainy season has officially started here.  The other day we got soaked, but it was way fun. After a lesson we taught,  it started raining so we started walking toward the nearest members house. We walked by this really pretty soccer field and some little kids were playing in the rain so instead we stopped and played with them for a few minutes.  It was way fun!

My companion and I  get along great  We decided that we are going to start working even harder and forget about ourselves in the work. I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Oh and what the heck??? Peyton and Kylie have gotten so huge!!! It was good to see everybody in all the pictures you sent.
Much love from El Salvador!
Elder Hoy

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