Monday, May 13, 2013

“ijustwannagetoutthereandreallyserve” sickness

Buenos Días!

Sorry I couldn’t call on Mothers Day. 200+ missionaries and 1 phone don’t work out  too well together! CCM life is same old same old. I was kind of bummed for a few days this week. Not so much homesickness as much as “ijustwannagetoutthereandreallyserve” sickness. Me and my Friend Elder Hansen from Utah are both going to the same mission and we are both practically fluent at Spanish already. We both just want to get out of here! Did you hear Josh Perkins got his call to Indianapolis? Same mission as Dad! So cool! I love how everyone’s call is unique! Ty is doing great! He is a zone leader at Provo which is awesome! But anyways! I love you guys and I’m trying harder this week to lose myself in the work and study. I can’t wait to get out of here! It’s awesome, but I just actually want to help people! I get to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow for p-day! It’s going to be so fun! We are also going to the mall food court and they have a Wendy’s there! I am going to stuff my face so full of American hamburgers.

Love you lots and miss you a little:)
Elder Hoy

MOM- did you by chance know a Jeff Morris when you lived in Valencia/worked at magic mountain? Hermana Morris, the Sister from Bill’s ward, is in my district and we were talking about Magic Mountain and I said how you worked there and stuff! I guess he worked there too, went to Hart High, and is the same age as you! If you don’t its whatever, but it’s still just crazy how small this world is!

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