Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last week in the CCM

Buenas tardes familia! Les amo y estoy muy emocionado por que este es el ultimo vez que
voy a mandar un correo electronico del CCM! This is the last time I will be emailing you
from the CCM! A week from today I will be in El Salvador most likely teaching an
investigator or something. I'll probably get to email you when I get to the mission home
or something! CCM life is same ol same ol. Last P-Day, we went to Wal-mart and a mall
and its was awesome! The Wal-marts here are the same but so different at the same time.
I got to talk to the cashier at Wal-mart in spanish and told her about how I'm a missionary
for the church and stuff. It was cool to finally speak to a real person! The mall made me
feel like I was back in the states though! It was a super nice three story mall and I ate at
Wendys in the food court. It was soooo good! I also found something awesome at the mall!
I was walking around with some of the other missionaries and there was a kind of skate/surf
shop and it had a small half-pipe inside! I talked to the workers there in spanish and I got to
skate it a little bit! (mom you're probably freaking out) It was awesome though and I miss it
but I'm staying busy and haven't really thought about it that much! Another confession I
have to make is that I DID bring my fingerboard. ( Mom you're probably going nuts right
now) but the latinos and everyone else think it's so cool. lol. I'm not letting it be a
distraction though, and I only take it out at meal times haha. Well I love you all and hope
things are going well at home!
Mucho amor,
Elder Hoy
PS: Mom. my Rockports are already suffering some heavy wear, and the bottom is
already rounded off and stuff. My companion has some that he let me try. They are
called Johnston and Murphy's, and they are literally the most comfortable shoes I
have ever worn. SO... when my birthday comes around in a few months and you
guys are getting my birthday package together(which I know you were already
planning on doing;) ) you should look for those shoes. I'll send you a picture of
them if I can when I'm out in the field, but they would be greatly appreciated. oh,
and I got your letter with the pictures! Thanks so much I love you.

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