Monday, August 19, 2013

Feliz cumpleaños Elder Hoy!

Hey mamasita! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I can’t believe I’m 19 already! I feel so old! Yeah were going to have lunch with some kids in our área and maybe buy a piñata and celebrate El Salvadoreño style! It’s going to be fun! And no the package hasn’t gotten here yet! And the next one put Virgin Mary stickers on it because people here have more respect for her than for Christ which is really sad. The Catholic people are obsessed with her. They pray to her and not to God. It’s super hard to overcome that.

But yeah I’ll be getting a new companion this week! I’m super sad! Elder Martinez has been one of my best friends here and I’m going to miss him so much! I’m staying in the área and he’s leaving. We´ve had some great times together but I’m looking forward to my first new companion! It’s going to be fun! I’ll send pictures next week when I find out who it is! Wednesday is the change meeting. I’m really excited but also super nervous.

This week we had good lessons with HermanoTiburcio and he came to church, but his wife still doesn’t want to get married which is a bummer! But we are working with her so hopefully they will soon. The área is really slow right now, but the next change we are going to get two more missionaries here which will be super fun! I’m going to make this week super good so I'll have more stories to tell next week! I love you all.  

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