Monday, August 12, 2013

Temple Trip

Hey momma! Glad you got the stuff! And I’m glad you like it! The trip to the temple was really cool! We didn’t go in, but stayed outside with our investigators!  The temple here is pretty small, but really pretty! We had some good lessons with the Calsadilla family, but they didn’t show up to church on Sunday which was super disappointing. Hermano Tiburcio is progressing too. He just has to get married to his woman and then he can get baptized! 

I can’t wait to get my package but I’m sad you had to take out the candy. Tell Ashley that if she put money in the card she sent me it got stolen. Did you put Virgin Mary or Jesus stickers on my package? I hope so, and I hope you didn’t write happy birthday on it or anything because that’s how things get stolen... But I love you Mom and I’ll try and make this week super awesome so I have more to share with you guys next week on my birthday! Love ya!!

Elder Hoy

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