Monday, January 20, 2014

Quentin L. Cook is Coming to El Salvador!

Hey Momma !  That is so cool that you got to be ushers for the VIP tours in the temple! The temple pictures you sent me are so soooo pretty. We were told about our new mission president that was called. His name is Elder Spjut. They told us a couple weeks ago. I don't think he comes until afterJuly.

But guess what!! Next Thursday we are having a big meeting in San Salvador and Quentin L Cook from the Quorum of the Twelve is coming!!! It is going to be sooo cool to have an apostle here. I’m really excited! I officially have 9 months into my mission. Time is going by so fast... only 15 more months and I’ll be back momma! Here are some pictures from this week.
Lunch anyone???
Future Missionary

Fat and Happy!

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