Saturday, March 15, 2014

Things are Better!

Hey family.  How are things going back home?  Things are getting better here. This week was a lot better than last week.  We have started working a lot better with the members so now we are finding a lot of new people to  teach. I watched this one church movie called ''One Good Man'' that made me laugh and at the same time inspired me and helped me a lot. I highly recommend it for a FHE or something.

 And yeah… Jaime and his family came to visit me and we went out to lunch.  It was really good to see them.  That’s what some of the pictures are of.

Juan Antonio still hasn’t been able to get married yet because his wife Noe has problems with her documents. So now I don’t know when they are going to be able to get baptized.

 I can’t wait until General Conference. It’ll be really good to hear and watch ! Our mission is soooo small that we have zone meetings every week. I think I’ve gotten taller and gained a little bit of weight...not much though.

I might have changes on Wednesday. If I don’t write you next Friday then that means that I had changes and my new day to write will be Monday.

 I love you guys a ton! Here are some pictures of me and cute kids and stuff. My pictures are always with niños… cuz I love them. I LOVE YOU ALL! 

Elder Hoy
Thumbs Up!
Jaime, Harlan and Family
Guapos Chicos!
Hermosos Ninos!
Streets of Santa Ana


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