Monday, April 21, 2014

Blessings of the Temple

Hola from Central America! This week was full of fun and surprises! So this week was ''Semana Santa'', the holy week for the Catholics. This is where they do all their processions which is really creepy. It really showed me how much the Great Apostasy ruined this world.  It’s a total bummer.

The Trip to the temple was way good. I saw my first companion and we were able to talk for a long time on the bus. He is doing well.  We were able to bring three investigators and they all loved it! One of them came to church with us on Sunday as well. Her name is Daisy. The only problem with her is that her boyfriend doesn’t want to get married and doesn’t want to speak with us either. That’s really unfortunate, but she wants to keep coming to church and start praying that her boyfriend changes.

 Also, the elders in the area next to us got their house robbed so they are living with us until they can find a new safer house. It’s sooooo fun living with 2 companionships. One of the elders is from Ohio. His name is Elder Bauserman. The other one is Elder Calero from Nicaragua. He is really cool and likes skateboarding so of course we get along great:) Changes are next week which is crazy! This change went super  fast! We'll see if I stay with Elder Candray or not. We continue to get along good.
But yeah I love you all! I’m so grateful to have temples and for the wonderful spirit you can feel there. All of the people that went just talked about how peaceful and happy they felt there. It’s such an amazing blessing to have the fullness of the gospel on the earth. Have a great week! 
Elder Hoy
I'm Happy!
Beautiful San Salvador Temple
Fields of El Salvador
Me and Elder Martinez (my 1st companion)

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