Monday, April 28, 2014

Greetings Arizona Dwellers!

Well another week has gone by here. It was good! The other missionaries are still staying with us.  They are having a hard time finding a house. We didn't have changes last week so I still have the same companion. We might have changes on Wednesday but we won’t find out until tomorrow. He only has three changes left, so like 4 months.

I’m glad you liked "One Good Man". It's definitely one of my church favorites! So... you went to your first stake dance...Ha ha I remember going to stake dances!  Crazy to hear that Josh and Ryan have their papers in. I feel like they are still so young. Yeah...“The Best Two Years” is so great, and now that I’m on a mission, it’s even funnier. My mission is definitely very rewarding. I’m glad to hear you are praying for me. I really do feel those prayers. 

We have been having some fun exploring in new areas farther out in the mountains. Since we’ve been having such a hard time finding new people close by, we are venturing out farther and farther. Yeah, so Mothers Day is coming up and I’ll try and find a place to Skype from this week. I think the 10th is when they let us talk here, so plan for that day. Let me know what time works best when all the family can be over. I love you guys a ton and can’t wait to see y’all. Mucho Amor!
Elder Hoy

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