Monday, April 7, 2014

Awesome Week!

So this week has been pretty awesome. I loved General Conference. All the gringos were in the stake president’s office watching conference in English to get more out of it. When President Monson started talking about the Gilbert Temple Dedication I freaked out and shouted ''I LIVE THERE!'' It was really awesome to hear all of the talks and reaffirm my testimony of latter day prophets. I loved Elder Uchtdorf”s talk about gratitude. That made me think back on all that I’m grateful for. Our Heavenly  Father has blessed us so much. I especially realize that after seeing how the people live here. But it is just amazing to see how people here can still live such happy and positive lives despite their humble circumstances.

That’s one thing I’ve also learned from” Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”. I finished it this morning. It is honestly one of the best books ever. One of the things I love is that we can lead a positive life even in the face of horrible circumstances. It’s just all down to our attitude and positive thinking. I’m trying to put that in practice in the work here and just be happy even if people reject us.

Jeffrey R. Holland’s opening talk was also such a straight powerhouse. He is such a champ!  Rejection has become a common part of my life here, and I used to let it affect me. But now I just bear my testimony and leave them. They have their agency.  They can use it to condemn themselves if they want!

Fun fact! Carlos H. Amado, one of the Seventies that spoke in the first session, well I’ve met him! He spoke to us in the CCM in Guatemala when Quentin L.Cook came. He was kind of hard to understand , but his message of the life and atonement of Jesus Christ was really good.

 I also liked Elder W. Craig Zwick's talk about not using harsh words or saying something before stepping back and understanding the situation. I’ve found that in my life I’ve said a lot of things to people without thinking and I’ve offended them because I didn’t take the time to see the situation through their eyes. But I’m trying to change that and follow the ''think before you act'' rule.

I love you all so much! Things are going good here. I’ve been a little sick but nothing serious. Have fun this week! Oh and we did a Luau last week for our zone and had a water balloon fight. It was a lot of fun. My companion  really got into it and even wore jeans and a t shirt. That's what the pictures are of.
Elder Hoy
Zone Luau and Water Balloon Fight

My Companion in Jeans!

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