Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Great Week!

HELLO FAMILY! Well there is nothing better than having a good week followed by a better week! On Monday night after I wrote you guys, Rene made the choice to get married and to be baptized. We will baptize them on the 23rd!! We are so excited. Prayer and fasting... ANSWERED!!! Way cool!!!

Then we went to the temple on Wednesday with some of our investigators.  Rene and his wife and kids also went.  His son who was baptized a couple weeks ago, was able to go and do baptisms.  So they were there waiting for him when he walked out and he was super happy. It was soooo cool!

We also found a really positive new family to teach! The mom lived in San Diego for a long time so she speaks perfect English.It was really weird teaching a little bit in English.  We are so excited to start teaching them more. 

The laundry room looks really good and so does Ashley’s baby ha-ha. Wow, and that’s soooo great for Travis. I still remember when he dropped me off at the airport and he told me to work hard and have fun on my mission. I told him to get married! Glad to see we’ve followed each other’s counsel ha-ha. 

Well, I’m just going to keep working harder and finding more people to baptize! ‘‘A missionary that baptizes is a happy missionary.'' is what one of my friends here told me and it’s soooo true. I didn’t feel that happy for a long time because I wasn’t baptizing, but now that we are helping people to come unto Christ, I’m way happier!! 

Here are some pictures. A selfie in front of the temple, a way cool family in our ward, and some drawings I did in my journal and stuff. I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

Much Love,
Elder Hoy

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