Monday, August 25, 2014

Best Week of My Mission!

Ok…so this has just been probably the best week of my mission and was one of my favorite birthdays ever! Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes! I can’t believe I’m 20 either. I still feel like a goofy teenage kid. So my birthday started out like a normal day until the night when a sister in the ward invited us over for a ''family home evening'. When I walked in, they had it all decorated with a cake and piñata! I almost started crying because I felt like I was with my family again.  I felt so much love from them…and the lady kind of looks like you mom, so that’s awesome too! They are probably my favorite members here in this ward. Oh mom… start preparing our El Salvador 2015 vacation because I’ve already promised a lot of people down here that I’m going to come back to visit and I HAVE to keep that promise!!! 

The rest of the week was good too. Thursday we had short interviews with President Spjut and he said he’s noticed a good change in me, that I’m doing a lot better and working a lot harder. I really am and I’m way happier! So that was cool to hear from him.

Everything this week was leading up to Saturday for the wedding of the century! It was so great and we had a great turn out of people to support Rene, his wife and Maria and her son Anthony for their baptisms. It was so great! I almost cried when I saw them get married and it made me want to get married really bad… but now isn’t the time to think about that ha-ha. It’s been such a miraculous journey with that family and we know it wasn’t us that did the work! We were just the Lord’s hands in the work. It’s safe to say that this has been one of the best weeks of my mission! I love you all and hope y’all have as great a week as mine has been! 

Much Love
Elder Hoy

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