Monday, June 10, 2013

First Baptism YE YE YE YE YE

Great week here in El Salvador!! I had my first baptism! I baptized Julio on Thursday and it was awesome! I attached some pictures of the baptism and our house and some of me and stuff! Tell Chelsea to post them on my instagram :) We also went to San Salvador a couple times for immigration purposes for my companion! We got to eat at Wendy’s and it was fantastic!
The weather is pretty nice in my área! Not too hot and it rains a lot so it’s really humid! And if you were gonna send a package or a letter you would send it to the mission office! Our house is pretty cool! We have hot wáter in our shower which is awesome and we have a nice view from our balcony too! 
We write our email from this thing called a ciber which is basically a store with a bunch of computers! Now that I’ve answered all your questions I have some! Anything crazy been happening in the states? Did they ever find out who was behind the Boston bombing? How are the Powell kids doing? Tell them I’m gonna send them letters soon!
I love you guys a lot and I kinda do miss home, but I am trying really hard to not get homesick! I just gotta focus on the work! Love you lots!
Elder Hoy

My first baptism....Julio

Home Sweet Home

I love my mission!
Beautiful creations

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