Monday, July 29, 2013

Exact Obedience Makes a Difference

This week was good! We had some good lessons with Hermano Tiburcio, and he came to church! He has enough attendances at church to get baptized, but we found out he isn’t married to his so called wife.  He plans on getting married so we are going to help him so that he can get baptized and we want to teach his wife too, but she is a strong catholic. We’ve got some work cut out for us.

I’m sending stuff home with the Petersons, the parents of the bishop’s wife. Yeah they’ve been here and I’ve gotten to talk with them a couple of times. They are really nice. They go home Wednesday so they will probably contact you soon cuz I gave them some stuff to give to y’all. This week we have really seen the difference obedience makes, and we are trying to be more exactly obedient. This week was good and we found a really positive family. I love you all and hope everything is good! We’re going to the temple on August 6th so I’ll send pictures in a couple weeks!

Much Love
Elder Hoy!

PS Wish Dad a happy birthday for me cuz I don’t have time to write him!

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