Monday, July 1, 2013

Not much time to write

I’m doing good! I have like 30 seconds to write you guys! I love you all! Everything here is good. I miss home a lot and am struggling a little bit, but only when I’m not working. So I just have to keep working!

Tell AG and Bella I love them and wish I could see them! I haven’t bought a guitar yet but I will soon. Can you tell dad to send me the chords and how to play his version of the 23rd Psalm please! Love you guys!

I’m leaving my Adidas skate shoes with Julio when I leave so I’m going need other shoes.  When you send me a package things to include: My vans that are black and Mexican blanket looking,  guitar picks, pictures, other stuff that you know I’d love, a usb or micro sd card with music like the Halo soundtrack you have and other good church music, but make sure its mp3 format.  

Love you guys lots and miss you all!
Elder Hoy!!

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