Friday, November 15, 2013

My First Transfer!

Hey mom! I had changes and now my P-DAY is Friday! Ok, here’s the update from the last 3 days! I had changes on Wednesday! I finally left Las Colinas! My new area is called El Trebol 2, in Zone Modelo. We are right in Santa Ana which is cool. My area is a lot wealthier than my other one. There is a huge shopping mall called The Metro Centro. It is just out of my zone. Everything is a lot nicer than before.

My new companion is awesome. His name is Elder Salmons, and he is from Alexandria Virginia, which is the town where the movie "Remember the Titans" happened. It’s really close to Washington D.C. It’s really nice having my first gringo companion. We can speak English and stuff and relate to each other a lot more.

This morning I got to play basketball with my Mission President. He is soooo good. It’s cool getting to know him a little more. His house in in my area, so we will see him a lot. This last transfer, only 4 missionaries went home and 28 new missionaries came in. That was really crazy. We have some good positive investigators right now, and one of them has a date for baptism.

I’m really excited to be in this new place. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Well, I love you guys a lot and I won’t write you until next Friday. Love Elder Hoy
Adios to my First Ward in El Salvador

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