Saturday, November 30, 2013

Super Excited to go to the Temple

I’m writing today and my time is short because tomorrow we're going to the temple in San Salvador. I’m super excited! We get to go 3 times a year and it’s a little over an hour away from where I am now.

My new companion Elder Salmon is good! He’s only been out 3 months! We get along great. The mission president is in my ward now but I haven't seen him yet at our meetings. He will be released next June.
My new area where we live is a lot nicer than my old area. It’s a pretty affluent area. But we work in a different place that’s a lot poorer. It  may be even poorer than my other area, at least in some parts. We are a lot busier here. We are going to have a baptism on Saturday for a young girl named Monica! I'm really happy about that. I’ll send pictures next week!

So to explain the photos, three of them were saying goodbye to the people in my last area, first to the familiar Valenzuela, (one of my favorite families), to Harlen and Jaime and their kids, and to Julio and Walter. It was hard saying goodbye to all of them but I really like my new area. The other photos are  with Elder Salmons my companion, and with Elder Griffin, my friend from Tempe.
My time is up. I love you all. Elder Hoy
The Valenzuela Family
Harlen , Jaime and their kids
My First Baptism, Julio,  and Walter
My New Companion Elder Salmon
My Tempe Friend Elder Griffin

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