Monday, May 5, 2014

Super New Companion!

My companion and I had changes! My old companion was moved to a different area. I love my new companion so much! We get along super good. Things are going way better! . I’ve discovered that having a good companion makes a huge difference in really having fun while you are working. 

I’m going to attach some photos for you! There is a picture of my new companion. His name is Elder Boquin.  He is from Honduras. He is way cool. Basically, we have all of the same interests and he loves to joke around…like me... You’ll probably notice that from the crazy lucha libre masks that we are wearing in one of the pictures:-)
OK,  so I don't have much to say because I’m going to Skype on Sunday night for Mothers Day... like at 7:00 PM …so at about 6:00 AZ time. Can't wait! Love, Elder Hoy
My New Companion Elder Boquin

Home Sweet Home "Lucha Libre" Style
Finding Joy...
Joy in the Journey!

Maybe...Too Much Joy!

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