Monday, July 14, 2014

Great New Mission President

Well things here are going good. It’s been really great getting to know the new mission presidents. They are wonderful people, super loving and ready to serve. We had  "get to know you" interviews with President Spjut and it was really great. He just wants to help me reach my full potential as a servant of the Lord. 

The work here is going well. We were able to put a baptism date with a young boy named Rene. He went to the temple with our ward just to hang out outside. He is getting baptized on Saturday. He is one of the prepared children of the lord. 

We are living in a different house right now but hopefully next week I can move back to the other house that I was in with my previous companion. Most likely we are going to get 2 new elders next week so they will probably separate us and give us new companions.  I’m getting along good with my companion. I really try to always exercise more patience and charity.

Things are going much better. Sorry that there are no other pictures. I think something’s up with my camera because the computer doesn’t recognize it.  I’ll try and figure it out. I love you all!

My companion,  Elder Paravato and I

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