Monday, July 28, 2014


We just got a new zone leader in our area. He is from Gilbert too. His name is Elder Baker. We did an interchange last Friday and stayed up all night talking about old stories. He lives on Val Vista and Queen Creek so he went to Perry High School .We knew a lot of the same people before. 

Rene’s baptism went super good. A priest in our ward baptized him but they didn’t fill the font up very much so his knee kept popping out so he had to do it 4 times. He was super nervous but it was cool. We are going to try and put a date with Rene's father to be baptized. He is soooo ready to get baptized but right now he has to work Sundays. He is looking for a new job so he can be baptized this month. Elder Paravato and I are getting along great and our area has a ton of potential this month. We are going to work super hard and baptize a ton of people!!! I’m way excited. 

OK... story time.  
First, we had this lady ask us if our church had some type of device to communicate directly with God. She said that someone had told her that and so she was a little confused. We told her YES... Yes we do. It’s called PRAYER!!! She laughed a little but then we explained to her the power and importance of prayer. 

Second, this little kid was playing with a balloon and knocked his little sister down two stairs in their house on accident. His mom came running out and hit him really flippin' hard. My companion and I were just like whatttt??? That is NOT how you teach little kids. I’m really glad that I was ''born of goodly parents'' that didn’t beat me. I realized that these countries in Central America have so many family problems because they really don’t understand love and charity. It’s really sad because these people say they have so much faith in God but then they don’t understand the most basic principle of the gospel...which is love.

Ha-ha... oh and I accidentally punched my companion in the nose. We were joking around and I fake punched him but he moved and I hit him in the nose...oops...!. But yeah this week was good so I love you guys!!!!! A LOTTTTTT!!!

Oh and my camera isn’t broken after all! I can send pictures now!
My New Zone Leader Elder Baker
Rene's Baptism

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