Monday, July 7, 2014

Things are Better

Hola Mamasita. Well this week I’m a lot happier to write you guys because I have no complaints. This week was a lot better. One companion of our trio, Elder Reyes, had an emergency changeout so now it’s just one companionship in the whole ward.  My new companion who, was left with me, is Elder Paravato.  He is from Lancaster California. He has a little less time than me in the mission. We are getting along great and working very well together.

In our ward on Sunday, we had a surprise visit from our new mission presidency. It was really cool. They are really great. They wanted to apologize to the bishop for taking out a companionship and to give us their support. I feel a lot of love from them.  But yeah things are going a lot better.

I’m doing better in all of my studies too. I’m learning a lot from the New Testament especially the Epistles of Paul. He was one wise guy. We have to use a lot of those scriptures to teach the Christian Evangelists here because they have a way different form of interpreting the Bible. Sometimes we have to Bible bash a little bit, and it’s kind of fun. But I always try to leave a good impression with all the people even if they don’t accept us at first because I know it will be easier for them to accept it in the future if I don’t offend them. 

My companion and I are good at just loving the people. I really have fallen in love with this people and this place. Sometimes I just sit back and look around me and realize that dirt floors and rats don’t even bother me anymore. But I also think how very very blessed we are to live where we live and have what we have. I’m so grateful for the blessing it is to serve here in this country. The work really is blessed here. I’m going to continue bettering everything I do here and not let anything set me back again. I love you guys a lot!

Elder Hoy

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