Monday, September 8, 2014

Pray For Us and the Work:-)

Hola Familia!!!
Good to hear that all is well! Yeah... you guys should totally serve a mission! That would be way cool...and then be mission president in the future!!! Well, this week was good. I did an interchange with my Zone Leader who is from Gilbert and we stayed up till like 12 just talking about random AZ stories. That was a big mistake because I got super ''Baggy'' or homesick...but NOT really. 

We have been working really hard and we are meeting a lot of our goals. We have four people we could potentially baptize this month, and a few more for October. PRAY FOR US!!! So we are doing really good. 

That's cool that you're friends with Madelin on FB. I love that family so much. They are just like our family...super sarcastic, funny, way awesome, loving.. and they are all good looking...ha-ha! So we are basically the same! 

My companion and I are getting along good. We had like a 2 hour long talk the other day and laid it all on the table and everything is going way better! 

That's great that you're working on our genealogy and that you found William Hoy from Ireland. That's so cool to think about all my ancestors. I always tell people my name is Irish and they think that’s pretty cool.  

The pictures are of  a GIANT grasshopper,  a super cool soccer jersey I bought because it has my name on it: ( the actual player's name is James David Rodriguez!) and an old church in Santa Ana! 

I hope y'all have a great week! I love you all and Jesus does too!!!
Elder Hoy

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