Thursday, February 12, 2015

Another Great Week!!!

Hey Fam!
Sooooo… this week was the culmination of a bunch of miracles. We had a really great baptism service for Jonny and his mom Vicky, who we found exactly one month ago. They were literally golden investigators that had no problem with anything. They always were super positive. It has literally been like a story you read in the Ensign with them.

We are super stoked now and we also have another lady that accepted a date for her baptism in March. She is super positive as well. She came to church with us yesterday and we are going to go visit her tonight.

Things are just going super good!  There are always small problems, but we always just keep going and everything gets better! The weeks are passing by way too fast!!! I can’t even remember what happened this week! I think everything just got swallowed up preparing for the baptism.

I can’t believe Seth is home already and that Ty and I will be the next ones to come home…so crazy! Aww… that’s a bummer that we can’t go to General Conference. I really wanted to go up to Utah because supposedly my ex-mission presidents were going to go there and have a Santa Ana mission reunion. But I guess we’ll see what happens. I love you all and I pray for you always!!!
Elder Hoy

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