Monday, September 23, 2013

Help the Missionaries!

Hola Mamasita,
 Everything is going good here. Mary is reading the Book of Mormon and thinks that its true so I know that your prayers are helping. I love some of the ties you got me, well the two that are new and the weird black one. The other two I can't use because they are way too short but I'm going to give them to some of the kids here. I like the little toys too, but those are to give away to little kids right? I hope so.  I've been eating a lot of that candy. I loved the kids letters. What did you put in the other package? I'm praying that it gets here somehow. 

We have a lady that washes our clothes, and a member that has a washing machine that we use for our personal items.  Yes mom, HELP THE MISSIONARIES! You don't even realize how important the members are in missionary work. They are almost more important than the missionaries. Give  them referrals or allow them to bring investigators to your house. HELP them. I wish I would've helped them before, because now I need their help and I'm not getting a lot of help. 

I love you guys so much and hope everything is going good with everyone. 
Elder Hoy 
We caught this frog at church
I dressed up as a Ninja one night on splits with Elder Griffin

One of the members puppies
My you know I'm being well fed!

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