Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Baptism and Hauling Trees

Hey mamasita! Nope still haven’t gotten the package! I’m kind of getting worried now but hopefully this Thursday it’ll be here! It might be here, but my zone leaders haven’t gone to pick up the letters and stuff!  I hope the other one gets here safely too!

Alright story time! So this week we got to have a baptism in our area, but not one of our investigators! But it was awesome! The other elders couldn’t baptize him in their area because they don’t have a chapel! So they came and I got to participate in the service with my guitar.   I played and sang with Elder Griffin, another Elder from Arizona!  He’s the one on the far right with the glasses! He’s really cool and has less time in the mission than me!

The guy that got baptized is named Francisco and he’s super awesome. He has been listening to the missionaries for years! He just never wanted to give up coffee! But he did finally and the baptism was super awesome!

OK… so after the baptism we went to visit this family and ended up doing some hardcore service! We walked with them like 20 minutes to find some tree to cut down because that is how they make their money! And of course while we were out there it started to rain really hard. We didn’t have umbrellas or anything, and the trunks were like 100 pounds or more. We had to haul them on our shoulders back to their house!

The picture of my shirt is what it looked like after that. But I felt so good after it, even though I was soaking wet and tired. Those were the craziest and BEST things that happened this last week. I love you guys and hope everyone is all good! I love you! Elder Hoy

 Francisco's Baptism
The Family We Helped
A Labor of Love
My Newest Friend


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