Monday, October 14, 2013

Come to El Salvador!

Hi Momma. Yeah, the weather is pretty nice here right now too. Ummm… I want you guys to build a house here in El Salvador, forget Belize. But in my area that I’m in right now you guys should buy/build a house...for reals.  It so cheap and they use American money here.  You guys could retire right now with just the money from your rentals.  Just learn Spanish really quick ha-ha!   Yeah it’s very rural and country like. The town is pretty small but super safe. The area next to mine is super safe too. But there are some really nice houses here that Americans have built. I really want you guys to build a vacation home here…like for reals. Yeah I love this area geographically!

Unfortunately, the work is going really slow. We did companion exchanges on Saturday and Sunday and I worked with Elder Griffin again. He’s the elder from Tempe. We had 7 investigators in their ward and we had some really good lessons.
For Christmas I want peanut butter and Nutella and more G2 pens and more ties. And maybe some money so I can buy new pants because I need another pair. Or you can send me another pair.

But yeah momma I have to go now so I’ll talk to you next week! I love you a lot and miss you! I was looking at the family pictures you sent me and all of you guys looked like strangers to me. Super weird. But yeah love you!
Elder Hoy
I love the kids!
Cute kitty!

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