Monday, October 21, 2013

Sad to Miss the Gilbert Temple Open House

Aw… I’m so sad I’m going to miss the open house and dedication of the Gilbert Temple. Oh man... I miss the Powell kids so much! I can’t wait 'til Christmas when I get to Skype with everyone!

This week was super average. But we did have something good happen this week.  Harlen, the wife of  Jaime (the guy that sent you the pictures of me and stuff), well they are inactive, but she came to church yesterday which made me so happy! Now we just need her husband to come!

Tell Ashley Happy Birthday for me!  In addition to black pants, missionaries are allowed to wear khaki pants.  So in my Christmas box, could you add my pair of khaki Volcom dress pants? 

I definitely miss all of the activities and members there in Gilbert. It’s very hard here where you have only 30 active members to do activities. But everything is getting better in the area. I still hope to get moved to a new area in the next transfer. Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

I love the kids!
Even these kids!

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