Monday, October 28, 2013

Missionaries, Members and Temples

This week was pretty normal again. We had a Multi-Zone conference Last Thursday and we’re going to have another one this Thursday. Our President is really stressing the importance of working with the members, especially because this last General Conference had a lot of talks about missionary work. I’m sure that’s going on in all parts of the world. 

Wow, no I didn’t hear about Brittany Spencer’s mission call. That’s so crazy. I’ve heard Swedish is one of the hardest languages to learn. Our next change/transfer meeting will be on November 13th . How many missionaries are serving from our ward now? It’s like almost 20 isn't it? That’s so crazy. It’s crazy to think there are over 80 thousand missionaries. They told us that since the age change, more sisters than elders have entered the mission field.

Jaime and his family are some of my favorite people here. We always make big lunches and dinners with them and their kids are adorable. I love them. We are still working with them.

I miss the temple a lot. We haven’t gone once since I’ve been in the mission. I miss going every week in the CCM. Yeah, that youth temple walk we did was so fun. I want to see more pictures of the temple since it’s almost done. I'm still so sad I’m going to miss the open house and dedication. Tell Diane and Ralph I say hi when they get there. I miss the Showalters a lot... and everyone else too!  ha-ha. Well I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Cute Puppies!
Eating Pizza at Zone Conference
Zone Conference

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