Saturday, February 1, 2014

Amazing Week!

This week several amazing things happened. My mission president spoke in our ward. It was really great and I think his words helped our investigator, William. He’s a man who isn’t ready to commit to a specific date. We had a lesson with him on exchanges yesterday, and he is beginning to change. The Elder that I was with on exchanges was Elder Gordon. He shared something with our investigator that our mission president had once said. He said that when people cut off the tails or ears of dogs, they do not do it gradually, but instead they do it all at once. (Everybody has dogs so they can relate to this). I like that thought a lot and I think I will share it with some of our investigators who want to change gradually.

On Monday we had an amazing experience…something that has never happened to me. An active sister told us that she felt that we should visit a less active family that we had never visited. So we decided to go right then because we didn’t have any other appointments at that time. We arrived at their home at about 8:40 PM and talked to the wife and children. Her husband then came home early from work. Usually, he comes home at one or two o'clock in the morning, but that evening he came home early for some reason. We briefly spoke with him, and after a few minutes, he told us that he’d had a dream two days earlier in which two missionaries came to visit him. Then he told us that WE were the missionaries in his dream!

I was so thankful that the spirit guided that sister to tell us to visit that family. We will continue visiting with the family to help fully reactivate them. It was an experience I will never forget. It helped me understand that the less active people are very important in our work, and we want to  begin to revive and help this neighborhood.

I also had the opportunity to help with the baptism of Brother Roberto. He is the investigator of the sisters. We baptized him last Sunday. Since he is unable to walk, it took 4 people to baptize him. It was a really wonderful experience.

Well, we had some amazing experiences that were so unforgettable! I'm out of time. I love you guys sooo much! Elder Hoy       
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