Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stressful but Learning a Lot!

Hey Momma I’m doing good. This week was kind of rough. They couldn’t find a house for the sister missionaries so they had to send them away to other zones. So now I’m in charge of taking care of their area and their progressing investigators as well. I’ve been on interchanges with one of the assistants to the president for the last two days which is stressful but it’s also fun and I’m learning a lot. 

ASHLEY IS PREGNANT??? Finally!!! I’m going to be an uncle again! That’s so exciting! It’s good to hear that Travis is finally getting married as well! When he dropped me off at the airport when I left buffalo, he told me good luck on my mission. Then…I told him to get married. I’m glad he is following the wise counsel I gave himJ

Bummer to hear that the west is in a drought, but I guess that’s nothing new. I haven’t used my camera much at all much lately. I did send a picture of a cool cathedral here in Santa Ana and a pic of me my companion and one of the assistants.

Hey… guess what?  I realized I already have 10 months now... and in like 2 and a half months, I’ll get to talk to you guys again on Mothers Day!  I loved the valentines box. Do you think you’ll be able to send me those books that I asked for? OK thanks mamasita.  I love you a ton.

Elder Hoy

Cool Cathedral in Santa Ana
My Companion, AP and Me!

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