Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Oh man you guys would not believe what I ate for thanksgiving!!! EGGSBEANSANDTORTILLASFORLIFE!!!!!!  …Almost as good as moms home cooking... almost..

Well this was an exciting week! I had changes. My new companion is named Elder Martinez. He is from Nicaragua. He is very small but he is a good worker and knows a ton about the Bible. His biological father is an Evangelistic Preacher. I’m really excited to serve here with Elder Martinez and work hard. 

We started this thing called ''He is the Gift''. He, being Jesus Christ, and that He was the first gift from a loving Heavenly Father to us, his children. We have been talking with a bunch of people in the street and we even started contacting people on the buses here. It was the first time I had done it. But I got on with my ukulele and my companion has one of those flute recorders (the kind they gave us in 2nd grade in elementary school)...But he can actually play more than Mary Had A Little Lamb.

We played a hymn for all the people on the bus and handed out a bunch of pass along cards. My legs were shaking so bad as we did it but I felt really good afterward... and it also helped that they didn’t charge us for using the bus. So I think we are going to keep doing that all the time... first, to preach the gospel, and second, to not spend so much money for transportation ha-ha!

I can’t believe we are already in December! I can’t wait for Christmas!! 24 days! I already made a ''days ‘til Christmas'' countdown. Mom, you really nailed it with the beef and cheese package...because I literally had no food in the house and almost no money... ha-ha so that saved my life. 

I like my area because people actually put up Christmas lights and stuff. They are going to start having big festivals where they sell a bunch of typical food and toys so I'm going to buy a bunch of things to bring home to the children of AZ. Well Happy Holidays and I love you all and hope y'all have a great week!!!!
Much Love
Elder Hoy

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