Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hey Mamasita. Well... yeah Skyping with the family is always great! I miss our crazy family a lot. Christmas here was normal. They had parties 3 nights in a row right down the street from our house. They didn't finish, with their music blasting, until about 3 in the morning...  so it was really hard to get any sleep. Then they set off a bunch of fireworks. We got to see them and it reminded me of 4th of July. That will be really fun for next year. 

This week was kind of a bummer because we found our only progressing investigator, Fransisco, rolling a joint at his cousins house. He hadn't been honest with us. He told us that he had stopped smoking but when we found him, he was like "thanks for helping me guys but I really like smoking weed and I can't leave it"... So that was a bummer! We thought that he really wanted to change. Now our focus will be to find new people who would like to hear our message. 

I don't have much to tell you guys because we just talked a few days ago. I just want to let you all know I love you a lot and wish everyone a Happy New Year! Have fun and be safe!
Much love 
Elder Hoy
The cool-eyed cat...

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