Monday, January 5, 2015

Brought a New Family to Church:-)

Yeah I got the package! I totally love it! I dig the shirts and the slippers… and all of the other awesome stuff. Oh and I’m getting myself a new suit made so I will look good when I get home. That’s the reason I got the money out of my account. My old suit pants got destroyed about 6 months ago and my suit coat is old and doesn’t match with any of my other pants. 

Dang… that’s so cool that it snowed in the desert! It’s been hot here. I miss cold weather so much.Today they told me that I’m going to have changes on Wednesday so next week I will be writing you from a new area. It will most likely be my last area! So that’s going to be weird... but I’m excited too.

Things have been going a lot better here. We brought 4 investigators to church that had never been before. It was this one lady and her 3 kids. We have been visiting them for a while and we’ve become really good friends with them. They remind me a lot of you guys because they are crazy and fun. I’m so happy that the work is going better.

I’m learning a lot from the scriptures and I’ve been trying to study them more diligently. So I feel a lot better about everything. Thank you so much mom for all of your love and support. I really have felt your prayers and love. I love you so much mom! Have a great week.
Love,Elder Hoy

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